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Getting started with TERN Account

This is a quick start guide to use the TERN user management system to update users details.

Step 1 - Login in

Landing Page - account.tern.org.au

to an application using a “Sign in” button.

Login using AAF or Google ID

for new users, additional information will be requested to generate reports for funding agencies; Users cannot change the Given name and Family as they are captured from the identity providers. This is a one-off activity and will not be asked for subsequent logins. However, users can update their details anytime.

Please take note of the following:

  • Information retrieved from identity providers

  • Field of Research (FoR)

    • A maximum of 3 Field of Research (FoR) is allowed for this field

  • Type of Activity

    • At least one Type of Activity (ToA) must be selected

Step 2 - Getting to know the application

Next step How to use this application

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