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The 'Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia' program delivers consistent, comprehensive, nation-wide data on Australian soil and landscape attributes at a fine resolution (3 arc-seconds ~ 90x90m pixels; finer than ever before). It draws together historical data and new data generated from sampling, laboratory sensing, modelling and remote sensing.


The 'Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia' data have a wide range of applications and users including urban and regional planners, land managers, farming groups, scientists and engineers.


'slga' is an R package that facilitates that facilitates the extraction of the 'Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia' data.

Background Knowledge

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Hands-on Tutorials

  • Soils and Landscape Grid of Australia GitHub site
  • Tutorial

Further Information

  • Landscapes Assessment - Soils  & Landscape Grid of Australia Suplementary Materials ()
  • CSIRO's Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia Website

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