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Mangrove Data


The TERN Mangrove Portal arose, in part, from the desire to provide robust scientific datasets that could be used to quantify the extent of mangroves and monitor and understand change across Australia. An objective was to provide supportive ground information for calibrating and validating biophysical retrieval and classification algorithms.

In achieving this goal, a wide range of datasets and approaches were considered, including Landsat time-series, RapidEye and other CubeSat data, mobile field data collection devices for near real time data collection and targeted airborne lidar and digital image captures. The TERN Mangrove Portal represents and important contribution towards mangrove monitoring across Australia, with the intention that this will serve to enhance protection, conservation and sustainable management of mangroves and also forewarn (or otherwise) of adverse impacts.

A diverse range of ground, airborne and satellite data and derived products are available through the TERN Mangrove Portal and are being updated and added to continuously. You are also able to contribute your own data - see Contacts below for more information and assistance.

The TERN Mangrove Portal was only made possible by contributions from the following:

  • Airborne Research Australia (ARA)


  • University of New South Wales (Centre for Ecosystem Science (CES), Palaeontology, Geobiology and Earth Archives Research Centre (PANGEA))

  • Aberystwyth University (UK) (Department of Geography and Earth Sciences)

  • Environmental Research Institute of the Supervising Scientist (ERISS)

  • Charles Darwin University

  • The Centre for Tropical Water and Aquatic Research (TropWATER), James Cook University

  • Queensland Department of Environment and Science

  • Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

  • Charles Sturt University

  • The University of Wollongong

  • Centre for Ecosystem Sciences, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of New South Wales

  • Joint Remote Sensing Research Program

  • Planet

  • Geoscience Australia

  • University of Queensland

  • Macquarie University

  • Southern Cross University


Mangrove data sets and Mangrove monitoring system

Richard Lucas

Technical assistance, data access and page content

Matt Paget

Peter Scarth


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