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Field Data Overview

Field Calibration/Validation Data

This page contains information and resources relating to the collection and management of field data by TERN and the Queensland Department of Environment and Science. For information on how this field data is used to validate Australian fractional cover products, see Chapter 7 of the TERN Effective Field Calibration and Validation Practices Handbook. For any further information regarding the field datasets, please contact rebecca.farrell@des.qld.gov.au.

TERN collects and hosts data for a number of core remote sensing field calibration/validation data sets at sites Australia wide. These data sets include:

  • Airborne Data (Hyperspectral, LiDAR and Thermal)

  • Hyperspectral Ground Calibration Data

  • SLATS star transects

  • Ground LiDAR

  • Pasture Biomass Data

  • Tree structural characteristics

  • Hemispherical photography

  • Aerosol optical depth and ozone

  • Leaf sampling (spectra and chemistry)

  • Leaf area index (LAI)

Field Data Collection Protocols

TERN collects data for a number of core remote sensing calibration and validation data sets at several locations across Australia.  This link contains the specific field data collection protocols used for each data set. 

Field Data Collection Forms

TERN data collection tools for each of the core data sets consists of an electronic (Open Data Kit) form and a supporting paper form. This link contains details of how to access and use the electronic forms, as will as links to download the hard-copy paper forms

Access to the Field Data

Access to the TERN calibration/validation datasets is achieved most easily through the JRSRP Field Data Portal. This provides spatial view of all collected data types, and links through to the individual site data records on the TERN data.tern.org.au server. The individual records are separated by latitude and longitude, then observation date.

The Ground LiDAR field data records are also available through the TLS Viewer.

The specific data records collected at the TERN landscapes Supersites (formally known as the AusCover Supersites) can be found in the site collections folder on the TERN data server. More information on the TERN landscapes cal/val sites is available here.

Field Data Filenaming Convention

The TERN field data filenaming convention for instrument files has been adopted from the established Queensland DES’s Remote Sensing Centre convention. This convention has numerous benefits facilitating automated processing. Each product's metadata contains some specific information on it's filenaming, however, this link provides greater detail on the development and standards of the convention.

Field Data Management System

TERN and the QLD Department of Environment and Science actively collect data for remote sensing calibration and validation through its involvement in the TERN Landscapes network, but also hosts suitable data from other sources. This link contains details on the field data management system and also information on having your data hosted by TERN and DES.


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