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TERN CoESRA User Guide

CoESRA is a cloud-based virtual desktop environment with several applications to perform complex data analysis. It is accessible from a web browser using an Australian Access Federation (AAF) or Google account. 

How can I access CoESRA?

How can I access virtual desktop for my analysis and synthesis or re-run existing experiments?

Do I need to pay for the service?

What applications are available in CoESRA?

What tools are available in CoESRA?

How can I share any of my analysis routines in a virtual desktop?

How can I ask for a new application to be deployed in a virtual desktop?

What Operating Systems are available for virtual desktop?

How can I use File Transfer function in CoESRA?

How can I access tools in CoESRA?

What is a group in CoESRA ?

How can request access to a new group?

Whether the system is accessible all the time?

How can I access my System usage status?

How long can I hold my desktop?

Can I change my virtual desktop settings?

How can I copy and paste inside a CoESRA virtual desktop?

What browser is available in a CoESRA virtual desktop?

How do I register to CoESRA virtual desktop?

Do you have SSH available?

How to use Kepler application in CoESRA virtual desktop?

What Browser do I need to use to access CoESRA?

What is File transfer function in CoESRA?

How can I use my own data in the desktop environment?

How do I login to CoESRA virtual desktop?

How to upload/download files using ‘File Transfer’ function?

How can I link my account with other EcoCloud platform to access JupyterLab Notebook and R Studio services?

How can I find my virtual desktop usage history?

How can I access other TERN data from the virtual desktop?

How to upload workflow to MyExperiment.org?

How to share workflow in MyExperiment.org?

How to create account in MyExperiment.org?

How can I make my workflow discoverable from ANDS Research Data Portal?

Can I get a separate storage space?

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