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Logging to TERN Data Portals and Services

A navigation bar with a sign-in option is at the top of each TERN data portal. This sign-in option works similarly with each portal by allowing users to log in to their personal TERN account. Once signed in, users perform tasks such as checking their download history or re-downloading data.

All users must sign in to their TERN account to download data from any of the TERN services

login options

Sign In

There are three ways you can sign in to TERN:

  • using Australian Access Federation (AAF) authentication

  • using a CILogon account

  • using a Google account



AAF users will be redirected to their university's login page, CILogon users will be redirected to the CILogon page to select an identity provider, and Google users will be redirected to their Google Account login page.

As part of the account creation process, users logging in for the first time will be redirected to the registration page to gather additional information. If you already have an account and want to create another account, you may need to link your accounts.

Institutions using Microsoft or Google as an identity provider can log in using CILogon by selecting Microsoft or Google from the Identity Provider dropdown. Then, enter your email to return to your Institution login page. This method is convenient for government organisations to log in to TERN services.

Once logged in using any TERN services, you will be automatically returned to the corresponding TERN system.

When you log in for the first time using Google, you must wait for a confirmation email before accessing the website. The email notification will take 5-10 minutes to appear in your inbox. Please note that the confirmation link expires after 5 minutes. If your link has expired, you can get it re-sent by reattempting to log in to the TERN website using Google.

If you want to change your login method, choose a new option on the sign-in page, and you will be directed to create a new account.

If a user doesn't have an AAF, CILogon, or Google account, please contact esupport@tern.org.au so that we can create a guest account for you.


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