TERN Data Policies and Practices

Strategy and Policy

TERN Terms of Use

This document specifies the specifications and requirements that a user must agree to and abide by to use all TERN data, services and tools.

TERN Data Provider Deed

This document formalizes all obligations and rights of data providers and TERN as a data service provider.

TERN Data Licensing Policy

This document is an over-arching TERN-wide policy on data licensing.

TERN Data Licensing Guidelines

This document includes a set of guidelines for sharing data based on licensing conditions specified in the TERN Data Licensing Policy.

TERN Data Preservation Strategy

This document provides an overview of digital preservation undertaken by TERN to support the continuous and reliable access to the managed digital assets.

Data Practices

TERN Vocabulary Development and Management

This document describes the development and management of the vocabularies in the TERN data infrastructure.

TERN NetCDF User Manual

This document provides an overview of NetCDF conventions applied by the TERN data infrastructure.