Soil type and geology type reliability not captured correctly

Capturing the determination of a soil type or geology type along with the reliability factor.

These values are the same, they should be combined.

The reliability factor is being captured as a separate observation. It should be somehow qualified with the observation that contains the soil type or geology type determination.

Disturbance parameters and themes

The following should be parameters (which currently do not exist). Instead, we have them as sub observation themes, which I don’t think makes sense. 

  • Presence of storm damage

  • Presence of logging

  • Presence of ringbarking

  • Presence of grazing

  • Presence of extensive clearing

  • Presence of animal digging

  • Presence of roadworks

  • Presence of severe anthropogenic salinity

  • Presence of fire

  • Height of fire disturbance

  • Presence of weeds

For example, we are recording storm damage as observations on the parameters proportion and age with the theme as (disturbance) storm damage. I think the correct way should be, the parameters are age of storm damage and proportion of storm damage and the theme is just disturbance. See page 138 of the CORVEG manual.

Ground cover calculations

Ground cover should be modelled more explicitly. Maybe we can model ground cover as an observation collection For example, bare, rock, cryptogam, etc are individual atomic observations within an observation collection. Currently, everything is atomic and has no relation.


SPS (stem plot size) not ingested

This variable has not been ingested from CORVEG into ecoplots. This variable is needed to calculate stand stem density. See here for details.