Potential fix

Implemented fix



Potential fix

Implemented fix


values get combine in download with vegetatation stratutm data

move parameters and attributes from tern_surveytaxabasalareaperspeciesperstrata to plant occurrence FOI where stratum becomes a parameter/observation

Data moved to the plant_occurrence FOI.
Stratum is now an attributes of the foi.


Climate data for site visit is 30year mena

It probably would be less confusing to have the climate data at the site level instead of the site-visit level; maybe change parameters or units to reflect they are climatology (e.g. 30 year average)



missing site variables

  • elevation of site missing from location table

  • Look at standard survey parameter table for site-realted values missing:

we need to pull in plotsizesampletype code (shape of the plot), transectlenght (plot length), surveywidht (widht of the plot), and surveyarea (area of the plot)

  • sampledfloristic needs to be added as sampled community attribute to the the site visit or site table

  • Altitude is already in Corveg (in the UI, it was showed in sitevisit datagrid but not in the site modal → fixed)

  • Added samplefloristic as site visit attribute, and plot_shape, plot_lenght, plot_width and plot_area as site attributes.

ground cover green missing


Preprocessing: In groundlayer table divide vegetation cover by total cover to obtain the parameter groundcover -green.

Green cover is already included in Ecoplots


fix facet for site (currently not all sites loading)