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How can I make my workflow discoverable from ANDS Research Data Portal?

Create workflow records in MyExperiment.org and get a resolvable URL (please follow the instruction in sharing workflow FAQ).

  • Click on the “CoESRA” icon on the Kepler GUI menu, you will get pop-up menu, read the terms and conditions and click Accept if you agree.
  • Once the Accept is clicked, the “Create RIF-CS Service” button will be enabled and click on the button. A new menu will be displayed as shown below
  • Enter workflow title and short description
  • Enter the Myexperiment.org. URL for the workflow
  • Enter the first name and last name in workflow Creator Details text box
  • Enter workflow creator's ORCID ID, if you don’t have, please create your ORCID ID by visiting https://orcid.org/signin.
  • Provide a Full citation information for the workflow in the format given below (replace all italics words with actual content):
    Creator (Publication Year): Workflow Title. CoESRA. Workflow URL from myExperiment.org

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