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Obtaining a list of files from a remote folder using rclone

Prerequisite: Rclone setup must be completed. See https://ternaus.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/resumedraft.action?draftId=1344274476 .

In Windows, open the Command Prompt and navigate to the folder containing the rclone.exe file.



C:\Users\uqjmahui\Downloads\jm_software\rclone-v1.53.3-windows-amd64 is the folder containing the exe file.

Use the following command to output a file list in csv format. Note the command is recursive and will include files from sub-directories.

1 rclone lsf --format=stp -R --files-only --csv --separator="|" --dry-run [remote connection name]:[remote folder path] > [“local file path”]

rclone lsf --format=stp -R --files-only --csv --separator="|" --dry-run [remote connection name]:[remote folder path] > [“local file path”]


rclone lsf --format=stp -R --files-only --csv --separator="|" --dry-run TERNcloudstor:/Shared/tern.data/bioimages/fnqr_cowbay_bioimages/phenocam > "C:\pheno_cowbay.csv"

where the:

  • connection name in this example is TERNcloudstor

  • remote folder path is /Shared/tern.data/bioimages/fnqr_cowbay_bioimages/phenocam

  • local file path is "C:\pheno_cowbay.csv"

  • format=stp indicates size, date time modified (i.e. upload date time), path



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