How to lodge the data submission

The Lodge tab provides the ability to request minting of a Digital Object Identifier, or DOI. You can also view the terms and conditions of publication, and input any additional notes or questions.


All mandatory fields must be completed and you must accept the terms and conditions before you can lodge your submission.

Complete the following fields in the Lodge tab:

Field Description



Field Description



Include a note for the data manager

Type any additional information or questions.

If the data set already has a DOI, provide the details here.

Please mint a DOI for this submission…

Tick to select if a DOI should be minted for the data set.


I have read and agree…

Tick to indicate acceptance of the terms.


Click [ Lodge data ] to submit to TERN. The status of the record will change to ‘Submitted’.


What happens next?

TERN will review the details and prepare the metadata. If we have any questions we will contact you.