Information to read before submitting data

This is a quick summary of important points for you to know before you begin your submission

TERN publications

TERN only publishes data related to Australian terrestrial ecosystems and environmental science, including data collected at ecological plots and flux towers, as well as environmental parameters derived from airborne or satellite sensors. Examples are available at We accept data in standard formats such as CSV, NetCDF, GeoTiff etc.

Note: You can supply your data in Excel format if it is also supplied in CSV format.

If you are not sure whether TERN is the right place to publish the type of data you have, contact us on for clarification.


TERN accepts terrestrial ecosystem data for publication using a Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0 International license. The license allows others to copy, distribute, display, and create derivative works provided that they credit the original source and any other nominated parties. For more details, see

Terms and Conditions

Please refer to TERN policy

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

When you lodge your submission, you can request that a DOI is created for your data set. TERN will lodge a DOI request through the Datacite. Users will be informed when DOI is successfully minted.

Note: DOI’s will only be minted for completed datasets, not continuous datasets. TERN expects to be able to mint for continuous datasets in the future.

Data contact people

Each data submission:

  • must have at least one person designated as an “Author”

  • may have multiple “Authors” and “Co-authors”

  • must have a person designated as the “Point of Contact” for enquiries about the data

For each person:

  • you must supply at least their First Name, Surname, email address and Organisation.

  • please supply the 16 digit ORC ID if available (

Note: If you ask us to mint a DOI, the Author and Co-Author details must be submitted as creators of data for DOI request. Author and Co-Authors name will appear in the attribution statement.

Mandatory fields

Several other fields are compulsory. You can see these by logging in and checking each tab in SHaRED.


Hosting data

Files up to 100 MB can be uploaded directly to TERN via the data submission process.

For larger datasets, please contact advising the content, file format and the size of the data files before completing your metadata record.

TERN may elect not to publish data hosted by third-parties providers, but we may be able to host the data for you.


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