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How do I login to CoESRA virtual desktop?

  • Open https://portal.coesra.org.au on Google Chrome browser and click on the Login on the menu bar.
  • A window about sign in to CoESRA is displayed, you have an option to choose from sign in with AAF or Google account.
  • Once you login using AAF or Gmail, you will be re-directed to a page shown below.
  • Click on the "LAUNCH A DESKTOP" button to create new Virtual Desktop or "ADVANCED" button to configure your desktop before launching. The "GO TO DESKTOP" and "SSH TO DESKTOP" button will appear once the desktop is available for use.
  • Click “GO TO DESKTOP” to view the virtual desktop. (Note: You have an option to choose “Ubuntu (16.04) or CentOS (7.5)” Operating System, customize “No. of CPUs” (Max 4), “Memory (gb)” (Max 4), “Time (days)” (Max 14))
  • A virtual desktop should look like below

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