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How can I access virtual desktop for my analysis and synthesis or re-run existing experiments?

CoESRA provide linux-based virtual desktop platform accessible via web browser. The platform consists of R, RStudio, Python and kepler workflow and KNIME. In addition, QGIS and Panoply are also available.

  • A pop up window about sign in to CoESRA is displayed, you have an option to choose from sign in with AAF or Sign with Google, for the first time you will be registered after login, use AAF or Google to authenticate and register to use the system.

  • Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation about your registration and you can login to access the virtual desktop. (Note: Registration email may take some time)
  • Once you login using AAF or Gmail, you will be re-directed to a page shown below

  • Click on the "Launch a Desktop" button to create new Virtual Desktop or "Advanced" button to configure before launch. The "GO TO DESKTOP" and "SSH TO DESKTOP" button will appear shortly.

  • A virtual desktop should look like below

  • In the application menu, click on CoESRA to access all the tools available. For example, A Kepler environment with one of the workflows is shown below

  • on the left-hand side menu in Kepler, click on "Coesra-tern" and subsequent folders to see the workfllow icons

  • Double-click on the workflow icon and the workflow will open in a new Kepler window.

  • Click on the run button to run a workflow. Some workflows my require additonal datasets for successful execution.

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