Release notes 2.4.1 - TERN Data and Analytics - Version EcoImages

EcoImage Packager: ternau/ecoimage-packager: 2.2.3

File Harvester: ternau/file-harvester: 1.2.0

EcoImage Dags: terndatateam/ecoimages_dags: 2.4.1

TERN Zip Files: terndatateam/tern-zip-files: 1.1.1


TERNDA-2904 Typo in package deletion - Delete is not allow

TERNDA-2903 Package pagination defaults back to 5 when 20 is selected and the next button clicked

TERNDA-2873 Encoding error in Ecoimages Packager when using not english characters in package title

TERNDA-2858 EcoImages: Rename Blacklisted Images to Reported images to make it sound less aggressive

TERNDA-2857 EcoImages: Allow packages to be removed from my list, even when in progress


TERNDA-2906 EcoImages: Show Delete action when package is retrying.

TERNDA-2902 Ecoimages, update the API/DB when a user uses not english characters

TERNDA-2875 Do not update status during packages when a package is deleted.

TERNDA-2850 EcoImages: SubHeader component should be only in the Home Page in Ecoimages

TERNDA-2465 EcoImages: individual image type display as histogram

TERNDA-1029 migration of old portal to the new Ecoimage portal