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EcoPlots Portal

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EcoPlots Application Programming Interface (API)

The EcoPlots API provides machine-readable search and download endpoints to support the discovery and access of ecological plot data. [Read more about Web APIs and Endpoints]

EcoPlots API feeds directly from the most updated available version of the different datasets. Data is updated often, so the amount of sites/observations you receive today might vary from future searches.

If you are planning to use this data for research purposes, we recommend using the “data download” feature in the EcoPlots Portal instead and mint a DOI for the package containing the exact version of the data used in your research.


Accessing the data programmatically is easy using any of the different offered endpoints. However, if your goal is to download large amount of data or have a stable data release we recommend you to download “data packages” directly via the EcoPlots portal, in which you will receive an organised zip package with all data requested based on search criteria.

All API endpoints need system generated API Key to access and retrieve data. [Read more about API Keys]



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