Release notes 2.4.0 - TERN Data and Analytics - EcoImages

Released 10 November 2021

EcoImage Packager: ternau/ecoimage-packager:2.2.2

File Harvester: ternau/file-harvester:1.2.0

EcoImage Dags:




TERNDA-2546 My Downloads is empty in production after deploy of 2.3

TERNDA-2536 EcoImages: "unknown" facets are showing for all - should we show to all (Admin and none admin users)?

TERNDA-2535 EcoImages: Clearing higher facets with the X does not clear the sub-facets from the url parameters


TERNDA-2732 Hide direction facet when the photopoint method is panorama

TERNDA-2531 The position facet needs to be positioned underneath the method rather than above

TERNDA-2460 EcoImages - Image Scaling in Single Image Viewer


TERNDA-661 EcoImages - ingest Ausplots photopoint images into new ecoimages platform


TERNDA-2034 As a Data Engineer, I want to publish all panorama images derived from TERN surveillance monitoring sites

TERNDA-2032 As a user, I want to access all photopoint images from TERN surveillance in TERN EcoImages portal


TERNDA-2755 EcoImages site visit ids not showing when there is only one site visit

TERNDA-2740 EcoImages: Deployment of EcoImages version 2.4 to production

TERNDA-2608 Ecoimages site slow after ingestion of Photopoint and panorama ingestion

TERNDA-2597 EcoImages: Update Map labels to fit in Ausplots(Tern Survaillance) images.

TERNDA-2596 Update image ingestion to support showing the different data sets on the EcoImage maps

TERNDA-2592 EcoImages: Implement facet for blacklisted images

TERNDA-2588 do not include blacklisted images in the packaging

TERNDA-2577 Implement DAG for to send Site PIs weekly reports about image harvesting

TERNDA-2541 EcoImages: Position and Angle facets in Image Type = "Phenocam" should come before FOV.

TERNDA-2303 metadata to describe photopoint images at overall program level


TERNDA-2205 Create exclude file for ecoimages