How to search for Field of View (FoV) images?

Note: Field of View or FoV for short, is only available for Image Type Phenocam

Navigate to the EcoImages Portal -

Click on the Search Menu and it will lead to the Search Page




The Image Types and Camera Types Facet contain the filters that provides the options to select:

  • Image Types, and

  • Camera Type(s)

The FoV is only available for Phenocam.

Therefore the following steps will lead you to selecting the required image(s):

  1. After navigating to the Search page, select Phenocam from Image TYpes filter

  2. Next select a vegetation group

  3. The select the FoV from the list.


The image on the right has a selected Image Type.

One or more Image Type can be selected.

Click on Clear to remove the selected items from the search criteria.