Field data overview


Validation of key variables

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Data access

Filenaming and conventions


ODK forms

Workflow summary

  • ODK (agg, form/phone, agg) > DES > json, python (postgres + file storage) >> data.tern/sitedata >> field.jrsrp (postgis + geoserver)

Field data collections

Supplementary information for each collection that may not be included in the corresponding TERN Portal record.

Biomass Plot Library

Collation of stem inventory data and biomass estimation

Terrestrial laser scans - DWEL

Processed instrument files and ancillary data

Terrestrial laser scans - Riegl VZ400

Raw instrument files and ancillary data

Individual tree point clouds and cylinder models, Rushworth Forest

Hyperspectral ground calibration data

Spectroradiometer, raw spectroradiometer instrument files and ancillary data

SLATS Star transects

Point intercept and field measurements, vegetation measurement summaries, point intercept data, ancillary data and field photos

Tree structural characteristics

Field measurements, ancillary data and field photos

Hemispherical photography

Digital camera and hemispheric lens, raw imagery and ancillary data

Sunphotometer Aerosol Optical Depth

Microtops, instrument data

Sunphotometer Ozone

Microtops, instrument data

Leaf samples

Leaf scans, leaf spectra and attribute data)

(no record, no data .. yet)

Leaf Area Index

Raw instrument data, hemispheric photography and attribute data)

(no record, no data .. yet)

Complementary field validation collections

Airborne LiDAR and Hyperspectral


Australian ground cover reference sites database


Hyperspectral Surface Reflectance

Hyperion, Enhancement and atmospheric correction technique