Ecosystem Surveillance Monitoring - Spatial & Temporal Scope

Spatial Scope

   TERN's Ecosystem Surveillance Monitoring Plots are distributed across Australia (Figure 1). Currently*, plots occur in 51 out the 89 bioregions in the IBRA7 (Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia, version 7) framework (Figures 1 and 2). However, the 624 site locations with plots are not distributed evenly across IBRA7 bioregions. The maximum number of site locations in a bioregion is 52 in the Murray Darling Depression, with 30 bioregions including 6 or less site locations.

Figure 1. Locations of TERN's Ecosystem Surveillance Monitoring sites.

Figure 2. IBRA7 Australia's 89 bioregions (image from the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy). 

Temporal Scope

   Currently*, 48 of the 624 site locations have been revisited once. No location has been revisited more than once.

   Both the Spatial and Temporal scope of TERN's Ecosystem Surveillance Monitoring program will be increased in the future. 

*: As per March 2019.