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Metadata records for the mosaic products have been updated into the TERN Geonetwork service but the data are no longer available.

The short explanation

The mosaics were created from original sinusoidal-projection tiles (files) distributed by USGS, see


Also at the time, CSIRO and Geoscience Australia with the NCI were developing the Australian Geoscience Data Cube (AGDC, later the Open Data Cube), and this was seen as a better path forward as it would allow on-demand mosaicing, reprojection and subsetting.

The AusCover MODIS mosaic land products

The AusCover MODIS moasic mosaic land products were produced by CSIRO. The method and rationale are presented in Paget & King (2008). The mosaics were created from sinusoidal-projection tiles (files) distributed by USGS. The workflow included:


The reprojection to WGS84 was deemed appropriate when the first version was released in 2007. However, by 2018 and consistent with the design and discussions within the AGDC, it was deemed more appropriate to store the data in its native tiled format and allow the software to do on-demand mosaicing, reprojection and subsetting.


How to get the MODIS land products data now


The latest MODIS land products data can be freely downloaded from USGS. Users require an EarthExplorer login (free) to access many USGS and NASA satellite data resources. For download and access options, see


CSIRO continues to download and mirror the sinusoidal tiles (via the data pool) for selected products for its own projects. Some of these data are synced to the NCI for projects on the NCI. CSIRO is scaling-back their download and archive mirroring for these data to focus only on current CSIRO projects. Aside from use in projects, CSIRO do does not do any value-add to the downloaded data.