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  • --transfers 36

    • 36 concurrent transfers are performed.

  • --progress

    • Show progress during transfer

  • --checksum

    • skip files if they already exist, based on checksum and size.
      By default the files are skipped based on modification time and size.

  • --checkers 48

    • This option increases the number of tasks that are checking to see if the file already exists on the remote. This value should be greater than transfers to make sure that transfers is kept at capacity.

  • --timeout 0

    • This is the allowed Input Output idle timeout. By default this is 5 minutes.

  • source-dir/

    • The local directory from which you want to push the files to Cloudstor,
      ie C:\tmp\images\20200103\ or external drive G:\images\20200103\ (Windows)
      or /tmp/images/20200103 (Mac / Linux)

  • AARNET:dest_dir/

    • AARNET is the connection name that was setup for Rclone according toStep by step Rclone Setup for CloudStor file upload

    • dest_dir

      • The directory where you want to upload the files to in Cloudstor

      • Edit access to the Cloudstor folder is required to upload files.